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Am I committed for a set period of time?

All of our students pay for weekly tuition i.e. they pay for 52 weeks per year and we offer them 52 slots for this. This therefore means that we don't offer fortnightly or monthly sessions - all sessions are weekly. In a nutshell, the 4 weekly payment entitles you to your exclusive slot for 4 weeks.

4 weeks' notice is required to cancel and release your weekly slot.

There is no commitment beyond that 4 weeks (or the 4 weeks after that) and if you give notice to miss the slot, it can be rearranged to be taken at a mutually convenient time (other than your regular slot and whilst your child is a current pupil). If you need to change the day on which your child attends, please just let us know (you can do this in person, via e-mail, or a phone call).'